Featured: Workingrite

by Stuart.Thomason

About WorkingRite

WorkingRite offers a work-based learning and mentoring programme helping young people aged 16-19 into employment, apprenticeships or purposeful learning. They have pioneered a placement programme that individually matches young people to local businesses for up to 6 months. Here, the young ‘trainees’ learn on-the-job, alongside an adult mentor.

Social Impact

WorkingRite was established in 2003 in Edinburgh, and now supports over 350 young people across Scotland and in parts of England.
The programme is a viable and rewarding route into employment for young people who may have struggled with the traditional school setting. It fills a gap in the set of opportunities currently available to 16 year old school leavers with low qualifications as it provides a supported learning and development opportunity that is overwhelmingly workplace-based rather than classroom-focused.
Of those who complete the programme, approximately 80% achieve  positive destinations (apprenticeships, college places or employment).

Relationship with the Young Foundation
The Young Foundation invested in WorkingRite in 2009, through the Learning Launchpad fund. At that time, they were offering a consultancy service, teaching others how to set up their own projects following WorkingRite principles, which meant long lead-in times developing work and inconsistent performance from those delivering each service. Despite a high profile and strong national interest, WorkingRite needed to develop a more sustainable approach to survive and grow.
The Young Foundation helped WorkingRite make the transition to direct delivery, taking on contracts themselves and subcontracting work based on a full cost-recovery model. This intervention saved the business and led to further growth and investment, attracting the attention of the Scottish Investment Fund who are now a cornerstone supporter.
To support this transition and maximise trading income WorkingRite changed its legal structure from a Community Interest Company to a Charity in 2011.

A journey of rapid growth and scale

In 2009, the turnover of WorkingRite was £100k. It is now over £1 million. They have extended into England and are hugely optimistic about their future.

Further information:
Tel: 0131 476 1050