Appealing for funding - Two's a crowd

by Greg.Winfield

We rounded off Wish Week today by creating short films. Each organisation will use them to tell their story, creating a call to action from those they know and those they don’t quite know yet. It got me thinking about how people appeal to a crowd.

Once the nerves stopped jangling and the stutters settled, something became apparent in the speakers – passion. Whether it was smoothly and calmly articulated or exhibited itself in the seeming desire to create a feature-length production on the topic, the passion for what they were doing was driving every word they spoke.
That’s not to say that those with passion for a cause don’t need further advice. There were a couple of other thing that were vital throughout the day:

Telling Tales
The way you can tell stories, transporting the viewer right in the heart of the experience is vital. Creating reality and tangibility through communicating lived experience does a huge amount to grab the attention.

Crowdfunding isn’t a crowd. It’s you and I
The other key point is the appeal to the viewer personally. What can you and they do together? If they support you, what can they do with you other than just send money and forget about it. You might catch someone’s attention in the short term, but imagine if you held it for longer, and tapped in to not just the money, but the time and skills of this new crowd. What a great story that could be.



Thank you to @Chouettefilms for running this session


Throughout this week we will be blogging on what we’re learning, thinking and doing on the People’s Accelerator. You can stay up to date via @YFAccelerator and the hashtag #wishweek