by Greg.Winfield


Buzzbnk is an on-line crowd-funding platform bringing social ventures looking for start-up or growth capital together with like-minded people keen to participate in a new way of funding social change. Social enterprises or charities can raise funding for a wide range of projects in a variety of ways, from offering fun and engaging benefits, in return for goods or services, or as a loan.

“Lending For Good” is a new, more sustainable way to support social change. The loans, of which there are three different types for organisations to offer which best fits their needs, provide a way to recycle funds back to the lenders, who can choose to either re-lend again to the next social or environmental project or withdraw the funds. We want to create a virtuous circle of good.

Buzzbnk has recently won an Innovation in Giving award, a fund created by the UK Cabinet Office and NESTA, which backs innovative ideas for increasing participation in social and environmental change.

Buzzbnk is a Social Enterprise LLP, backed and owned over 50% by leading charities and foundations in the UK including Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, Tudor Trust and the Wates Foundation with a social purpose to reinvest and support the social enterprise community and the development of the social investment sector.