Emerge Venture Lab

by Stuart.Thomason

Inspired by the promise of social entrepreneurship and driven by unprecedented passion, entrepreneurs everywhere are starting innovative, value-driven ventures. In response to this trend, the Emerge Venture Lab was launched in 2010 with the mission to guide these emerging leaders to redefine the private sector’s role in solving global social and environmental issues.

What We Do

The Lab is about taking action to accelerate social ventures at the pre-investment stages of development. It provides entrepreneurs with critical support in generating, testing and implementing business models, evaluating impact, building successful teams, structuring organisations and raising finance. The Lab’s venture teams attend expert-led bootcamps in London and Oxford and gain access to an extensive network of business professionals, seed investors and peer entrepreneurs. Through this, the Emerge Venture Lab bridges a crucial gap at the pre-investment stage for social ventures.

At the beginning of each calendar year, the Lab selects around ten teams with early-stage ideas for sustainable businesses that aim to solve a significant social or environmental issue. The Lab may also solicit open applications midway into the programme and accept ventures that are at a relatively advanced stage of development.

What We Achieve

Each year, the Emerge Venture Lab helps launch a small number of investable ventures that employ innovative business and organisational models to achieve both financial profit and social impact. Furthermore, through its best practice curriculum, the Lab trains a cohort of founders entrepreneurial management, endowing upon participants a key set of skills that will help them drive large-scale change throughout their professional careers.

There Is More To Emerge

The Emerge Venture Lab sits alongside the Emerge Conference, which inspires over 400 young social innovators at its annual flagship event in Oxford, UK. Founded in 2009 by the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Student Hubs at Oxford University, Emerge connects university students with global change-agents with the aim of exploring ways to create sustainable value on both financial and social fronts. Emerge is about “what’s next”: the big ideas, the future leaders, and the driving forces that challenge the status quo.  It brings to the forefront that which is emerging: new models, markets and movers of transformational change.