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Below you will find answers to the Frequently Asked Questions we've been asked:

What are your criteria?

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You are based in East London - Are you only looking to support organisations from that area?
No. there are no geographical restrictions for this programme. We work across the UK in the majority of our work.

What is a social venture?

We define social ventures as organisations that  (1) Tackle social problems like youth unemployment, obesity, educational disadvantage, poverty or health and deliver a significant improvement in the quality of life for people and are (2) financially sustainable thanks to revenues which come from paying customers. You do not need to be a specific legal from to apply to the accelerator.

Are there any specific sectors you will only support?
No. We are looking to find social ventures who work in any sector, but we will prioritise applications that work in education (especially employability work with young people), Health and social care and Housing and Communities.

What do you mean by scale?
We approach this definition quite broadly, but in essence we are looking to support organisations who have successfully delivered their project in one area of the UK and are ready to reach more people, or move to a new area.

You mention that my organisation will need to show demonstrable social impact - what do you mean?
We are looking for clear evidence that your project addresses a social need in a positive way, so we ask for evidence of your social impact to date. This may be testimonials or quotes from people who have used your service or from public sector bodies who have supported your work in some way. We would expect you to be able to show the number of people who have used your service / bought your product and what difference it has made.

Where does our current income need to come from?
The social enterprises we support may have previously been funded 100% by the founding entrepreneur(s), received early stage seed funding from a benefactor, won a small charitable grant, or been supported by a public sector organisation such as a hospital or school.

What do you mean by ready to scale?
We get involved at the point when there is a need for more structured support and funding to enable the venture to professionalise and grow. Our involvement is aimed at increasing the depth and breadth of social impact the social enterprise can achieve.

What do you mean by investment?
The Young Foundation  invests into social businesses or businesses with a positive social impact (social investment) via ‘in kind’ support and/or cash injections. We make investments that are:

  • Structured as a flexible and tailored investment, usually in the form of equity or quasi-equity
  • Repayable, through the social enterprise's trading activities or a suitable exit
  • Relatively low in value but high in impact
  • Capable of delivering an appropriate return





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