by Stuart.Thomason
RCITY joined the Amplify NI programme earlier in the spring - this is their story

RCITY develop communities by integrating them through youth. They enhance community relations by getting young people to be the driving force behind breaking the trend. They currently offer a leadership programme, accredited courses and cross community projects. RCITY deliver mentoring and progression opportunities and produce R City news. Their model focuses on Leadership & Skill base, Experience & Employment and Positive Youth Through media.

Social Impact

R City is a project between Hammer and Ardoyne Youth Clubs, seeking to enhance the growth and development of the young people who become part of the programme. The programme runs weekly in the two youth clubs with 70 young people participating in Leadership for Life, Drugs & Alcohol and Sport tackling crime training. RCITY also delivers a mentoring programme along various capacity building, leadership and community relations programmes that benefit other organisations working with young people and volunteers.

Relationship with the Young Foundation

RCITY participated on the Young Foundation’s Amplify NI project, engaging with the Accelerator training. Amplify NI helped RCITY to look at possibilities to prepare itself for growth and how to achieve their goals. Since the Accelerator programme RCITY are now in a strong position to open a social enterprise cafe that will support the growth and sustainability of the programme.

Journey of Growth

RCITY are currently opening a community café in a new building on the grounds of Holy Cross chapel called the Houben Centre. It’s based right on the interface and has access from both communities. The café is due to open in the first week of December.